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    AABC Mickey Mantle Regional Schedule

    The schedule for ROUND 1 and ROUND 2 of the AABC South Plains Mickey Mantle Regional Tournamentl:

     Thursday, July 24th: ROUND 1 & ROUND 2

    ROUND 1

    GAME 1
    Texas Oilers: 14
    Blacksox 15u: 1
    Burkburnett HS at 1000am

    GAME 2
    BN Mavericks: 4
    Blacksox 16u: 3
    Burkburnett HS at 1230pm

    Frozen Ropes-Badarack: BYE
    SW Shockers: BYE

    ROUND 2

    GAME 3
    Blacksox 16u: 11
    Blacksox 15u: 2
    Burkburnett HS at 300pm

    GAME 4
    Texas Oilers: 5
    Frozen Ropes-Badarack: 2
    Burkburnett HS at 530pm

    GAME 5
    BN Mavericks: 3
    SW Shockers: 2
    Burkburnett HS at 8pm

    Friday, July 25th: ROUND 3 & ROUND 4

    ROUND 3

    GAME 6
    Frozen Ropes-Badarack: 5
    SW Shockers: 3
    Burkburnett HS at 1130am

    GAME 7
    Texas Oilers: 14
    BN Mavericks: 5
    Burkburnett HS at 200pm

    Winner #3 will receive a BYE in ROUND 3.

    ROUND 4

    GAME 8
    Frozen Ropes-Badarack: 12
    BN Mavericks: 0
    Burkburnett HS at 430pm

    GAME 9
    Blacksox 16u: 18
    Texas Oilers: 3
    Burkburnett HS at 700pm

    Remaing Teams
    Winner Game #3 (Blacksox 16u)
    Winner Game #6 (Frozen Ropes)
    Winner Game #7 (Texas Oilers)
    Loser Game #7 (BN Mavericks)

    Saturday, July 26th: ROUND 5 & ROUND 6

    ROUND 5

    GAME 10
    Blacksox 16u vs Frozen Ropes
    Burkburnett HS at 1200pm

    ROUND 6

    GAME 11
    Texas Oilers vs Winner Game 10
    Burkburnett HS at 230pm

    * All scores and bracket info will also be kept in the Burkburnett HS pressbox.

    * Teams may use the outdoor batting cages located down the right field line.


    Blacksox Baseball Club News

    Feed for http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/rss/mlb/news

    For HHH lodging info, please contact:
    Diane Bigford
    (940) 569-3498
    (940) 882-5437

    Blacksox HS Information


    Cale Coshow (NY Yankees: 13th Round)

    Payton Baskette (SD Padres:16th Round)

    David Gates (Texas Rangers: 18th Round)

    Sean Johnson (Chicago Cubs: 31st Round)

    Club Accomplishments

    • 2013 AABC Ken Griffey World Series Semifinalist
    • 2012 AABC Ken Griffey World Series Runner Up
    • 2012 AABC Don Mattingly World Series Semifinalist
    • 2012 AABC Don Mattingly World Series Semifinalist
    • 2010 AABC Don Mattingly World Series Champions
    • 2011 AABC Don Mattingly World Series
    • 2010 AABC Don Mattingly State Champions
    • 2009 AABC Don Mattingly World Series
    • 2009 AABC Don Mattingly State Champions
    • 1992 AABC Connie Mack World Series
    • 14 AABC State Championships
    • Nearly 900 players have played college baseball
    • Over 80 players have played professional baseball

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